History of SCCS

In researching the history of St. Christopher School, we came across quite a few surprises. For many years we have been listed as having our start as a school in 1939. From the archives of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston we found information that differed significantly .

St. Christopher Catholic School’s founding date was listed as 1939 because it was during this year that a new church building was erected.  A wing was added onto the old church building and this structure was then used as the school.  The Dominican Sisters were officially given the duty to staff this facility, which was the first permanent school building on its current site.

Actually, St. Christopher Catholic School has a much longer history. The school originally began in August 1924. The Sisters of the Incarnate Word and the Blessed Sacrament were the founding order. In 1929, the Dominican Sisters took over these duties. The original school building was located on the corner of Moline and Broadway. In 1944, a convent was obtained for the Sisters and a school was added. In 1946, the proposal of a new superhighway (Interstate 45) threatened the tranquility of St. Christopher Parish and School. Plans for the highway included, cutting through the original site of the church and school. In August of 1947, the parish purchased a new track of land on the corner of Park Place Boulevard and Meridian Street, about one block from the old location. Construction started on the church and rectory in November 1948, and these were dedicated in July  1949.  In 1951, it became evident that a parish hall and gymnasium were needed, and these were soon added. In 1953, a cafeteria section was added to the gymnasium. In 1956, a parish drive to raise funds to erect a new convent began. Early the following year, the convent and a new school wing (a one story building) reached completion. The year 1959 brought the addition of a new meeting room. This served as a classroom area as well. With the further addition of a two story building in September of 1963, the current school complex was complete.

St. Christopher School started as a single building unit, with an enrollment of 50 students.  It has grown to be part of a five acre complex with more than 235 students enrolled. Many influential people, too numerous to list, have been connected with St. Christopher Church and School through the years. These include several bishops as well as many priests and sisters.