What is the average class size and what grades do you serve?
 We proudly offer a comprehensive education to students from Pre-K3 to 8th grade.  Our average class size is 17 students. 
When is school in session?
Our school year runs from August 14th-June 1st.
Do you offer after school care?
 We understand that many families operate on different schedules and offer Morning and After school programs to alleviate time issues.
Do you have to be Catholic to attend a Catholic school?
 No, students of all faiths are welcome to become a part of the St. Christopher family.
How can we as a family become involved in our child’s education?
 Our school community offers many school activities, which families are encouraged to participate in, throughout the year. Celebrate reading by reading together as a family or assist students in building an understanding that learning occurs beyond the classroom by pointing out lessons and using teachable moments in daily life. Parents are also encouraged to volunteer their time and talents to our school.